Tuesday 30th September 8:50am

We r one 🌲

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Chemical Interactions by Daisuke Yokota


when ur trying to cheer your friends up bc they’re sadimage

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sorry cant quite hear u over how cute i am ???? 


Vasya Kolotusha, Lights

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3 different pieces of the same plant 


many moons

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*highlights the whole paper

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Hey! just a general reminder: if i every reblog one of ur selfies or posts and tag it w/ something u r uncomfy with or ur not comfy with me reblogging it or w/e PLS LEMME KNOW. i already avoid tagging with gendered language etc but that means different things for a lot of people so never feel afraid to shoot me a message abt it!!!

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Demi Lovato by Giuliano Bekor for Fault Magazine. (c)